Whether you prefer a crisp, clean pour over,

or a full-bodied, traditional espresso, our beverage options provide you with a variety of manually brewed drinks that will meet your caffeine needs and treat you to the relaxed coffeeshop experience you deserve….


We know that you care about what you put in your body,

which is why we choose to source organic, loose leaf teas from high-quality companies. Our teas are naturally sweetened, and made with a selection of the finest ingredients, making them enjoyable and refreshing for everyone….


Greatly inspired ideas come from trying new flavor combinations

in the kitchen. Our fresh, made-to- order house sandwiches and salads were created to feature lots of greens, color, and tasty blends of sweet and savory— we think you’ll come to love them just as much as we do!…

Cabbage town Chai

was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
At Boulder Creek, we love making new creations from this traditional treat. Besides the classic chai latte and iced chai, we make chai shakers, chai floats, chider (hot chai and cider), and for those who like a generous amount of ginger, our iced chai ginger beer is spectacular. If you're feeling particularly creative, you can buy a gallon to take home and experiment with. In a small community called Cabbagetown filled with talented artisans of all types. Using fresh, organic ingredients (often from Georgia farmers), each gallon is hand brewed and bottled in Georgia using traditional, authentic Indian methods.

we welcome you!

Our Story!

At Boulder Creek Coffee, we are passionate about several areas so that we can bring you the best coffee experience we can:


First, we believe in good coffee, which is often hard to find outside of the metro Atlanta area. That‘s why we choose to partner with companies such as Counter Culture Coffee and Thrive Farmers Coffee to bring a variety of freshly roasted, high-quality coffees directly to you. Each coffee is chosen with the intent of creating a palette of colorful, robust flavor that allows you to get a taste of cultures from all over the world.

Yet, our coffee goes beyond quality- it is our way of investing in someone elses story. We believe in sourcing our coffee from companies that support a wide range of people across the globe. Behind every cup of coffee is a farmer, a roaster, and a provider, and in sourcing their coffee, we are a part of telling their story.


Secondly, our shop is driven by the idea of global community. Through supporting us, you are part of something bigger. All of our products are consciously hand-picked because we know that by purchasing them, you are not only supporting the local area of Gwinnett but many charities and initiatives around the world. So for that, we thank you.


Lastly, we believe you should have the freedom to make this place your own. While we may provide the welcoming staff and cozy atmosphere, we believe that you deserve a consistent customer experience with the space to indulge and create. Each drink is hand-crafted with the same care and mastery but can be altered to your liking, so whether you want a five shot mocha shaker with almond milk or a plain, black pour over, it is our delight to create your coffee the way you want it. What matters is your comfort, your customization, and your drink. Because without you, this shop wouldnt be what it is. We are Boulder Creek Coffee.

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Best espresso in town. Fun baristas. The shop is just big enough to grab a table for work. It is a good spot to slow down a bit and grab a great drink. A few tasty snacks as well. Great for those that enjoy a traditional espresso based drink without all the fancy stuff.

Ted P.
Ted P.

I've visited this shop three times and each time it has been great. They carry Counter Culture Coffee and have a wide selection of coffee to choose from. In addition to the wide selection of coffee, they offer various sizes for their drinks, not the traditional that most shops have come to offer.

Lisa P.
Lisa P.

Great local coffee house with excellent coffee. I especially love the French press coffee that is served on individual French presses!

Troy B.
Troy B.
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